Competition Combo


The Zionsville Royalaires & Choralaires are ensembles dedicated to educating the student body and community of the professional, musical and performance aspects of a “show ensemble.” The Instrumental Combo(s) have become an integral part of that ensemble. The following list of expectations & contract is in keeping with our goal of raising the level of expectation for the ZCHS performing arts department. The goal is to provide consistency throughout both the instrumental music program and ZCHS Show Choirs.


The Instrumental Combo is a very important element to the entire group’s success. Having a consistent and clear attendance policy will help maintain the combo’s integrity and will prevent misunderstandings when conflicts arise. Members of the show choir combo(s) should be aware of this policy before agreeing to be a part of the ensemble. Once a combo member agrees and signs the contract, he/she will be expected to follow this policy. (Again, this is to avoid the Royalaires &/or Choralaires and the Instrumental Combo facing a missing member whose absence will damage the integrity of the ensemble.)

Attendance Policy

Members of the Royalaires’ or Choralaires’ Instrumental Combo are expected at all scheduled rehearsals, performances and competitions. Absences from combo rehearsals will be considered excused when Mrs.¬†Broge and Mr. Landrum are given at least 24 hours notice of the individual absence (and an acceptable reason for absence is given.) Absences from performances are highly discouraged and will be considered excused only when written notification is provided at least 3 weeks before the performance date. Severe illness and emergencies are obvious exceptions and will be handled on an individual basis. Unexcused absences from any combo events will warrant the same penalties as do unexcused absences from any other ZCHS instrumental ensemble:

  • Unexcused rehearsal absence = 1 letter grade deduction for the semester grade
  • Unexcused performance absence = 2 letter grade deduction for the semester grade