ZSI Board 2020-2021

Deana Broge, Director of ZSI – DBroge@zcs.k12.in.us

Sam Chenowith, Director of ZSI – schenoweth@zcs.k12.in.us

David Herbon, President of ZSI – president@zchoirs.com

Katie Hettmansberger, Vice President of ZSI – vice-president@zchoirs.com

Jenny Kremp, Treasurer of ZSI – treasurer@zchoirs.com

Karen Weber, Secretary of ZSI – secretary@zchoirs.com

Ann Soards, Fundraising – fundraising@zchoirs.com

Barb Thorp, Fundraising – fundraising@zchoirs.com

Jason Thorp, Media/Tech – tech@zchoirs.com

Courtney Doran, Spirit – hospitality@zchoirs.com

Mangala Hasanadka, Student Accounts – asst-treasurer@zchoirs.com

Jennifer Page, Volunteers – volunteers@zchoirs.com

General Mailboxcontact@zchoirs.com

Website suggestionsupdates@zchoirs.com

More contact info can be found on the Parents Tab under Secure Access.